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User Experience Fail: Tesla App leaves driver stranded

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Tesla continues to be a company that excites and surprises the status quo, but I am sure Mr. Negri is hoping the user experience of Tesla continues to evolve. Overall the user experience that is attached to Tesla is that of a very forward thinking consumer that is also techno-savvy and environmentally conscience. This high-end experience is something to truly behold from the gigantic interior spaces to the iconic giant touch-screen interface tucked into the dash. Unfortunately for one Tesla owner, the user experience was less than stellar.  Ryan Negri, an angel investor in the US, went for a drive in Red Rock Canyon at the weekend to take some pictures of the newly fallen snow. Unfortunately, as Tesla models require a network connection to unlock using a smartphone, Mr Negri and his wife were locked out of the car. His wife Amy ran two miles to find signal and managed to call a friend to pick her up to retrieve the keys from home, as spotted by

Tesla should have taken into consideration many users would assume that they are connecting to a potential in-car hotspot for the app to car interaction. This oversite while a bit comical with a happy ending for Mr. Negri, could have been a larger issue in the context of other circumstances. Technology in many ways is advancing quicker than we can understand how to use it. Hopefully, Tesla will include a nice welcome to your car video that explains the ins and outs of the app and connectivity issues early for newer drivers

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