Saturday, 14 January 2017 01:42

Walking the UX/UI Design Line

I currently watch many companies hire and rehire UX Designers, not just because this is a hot bed field currently, the real reason is these companies like some other parts of the industry do not fully understand what User Experience design is. Being able to be a graphic designer that understands Web 2.0 tech does not make one a UX and UI Designer. The true distinction for me comes in the fact of being able to not only understand the design elements of user experience and interface but also researching the relevant data needed to make assumptions about the users; needs wants and desires. This delicate balance of design and research is where UX and UI design, share similarities and also diverge from each other. As a UI and UX Architect, I use my design and research background to help individuals and companies take the quantifiable data and create a visual experience to meticulously enhance their mission of user engagement.